Mar 24, 2010

n0 cry n0 w0rry

I will not cry-
I will not worry-
Please don't leave me because
your past I will not bury.

It is hard for me to understand
what you have done and what you
could do to me.

I will not cry-
I will not worry-
I don't want to lose another one.
You are perfect-
to help me lose my place,
in what I worry and cry for.

Accept me for who I am.
I do cry-
I do worry-
Why don't you?

Do you see what I feel?
Do you listen to what I say?
Please don't leave me
because I will cry and worry forever.

Our love is true-
what does it mean to you?
Do you cry?
Do you worry?

As long as I have you
I have you no worries to
cry about.

I've gave alot for you-
to hold you, be with you,
and kiss you.

I always worry-

I always cry-
because when I'm not with you-
anytime of the day-
I can't see you.

I cry to see your beautiful eyes
beautiful hair and
beautiful skin.

I cry when I don't hold you-
to not be with you at all-
I cry when I don't see you-
to gaze at you at all.

I do not cry-
I do not worry-
because I have you to keep.

Will it be forever or
will it be a defeat?
I will always cry and worry
what is best for you.

To make you happy wipes
my tears of sadness away, but
I will still cry though because
what we share everyone once did.

The sadness will not erupt
because you're in my life, but
I worry that you will not be.

Is it easy to leave me?
I will cry-
I will worry-
until the day,
I know you will cry and worry too.

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